Why Should I Use Influencers to Promote My Brand?

Social media is the fastest way to share ideas through photos, videos, and short quick to read statements. Surveys have shown that a staggering 69% of Americans utilize at least one social media site. That means social media gives you access to more than half of the American population! In today’s fast-paced society, buyers don’t want to read newspapers or watch commercials or infomercials. They want a blast of information that is direct and quick to the point.

Consumer behavior has evolved into a heavily internet-based culture. For most, social media is the connection between us and what’s trending. When considering how to push your brand to higher levels, social media marketing gives you a great platform. Executed right your brand gains access to target a specific audience of potential customers and clients.

In fact, 37% of consumers are inspired to make purchases through content they see on social media. The next question is how do you gain an audience’s attention, and how do you prevent a potential client from scrolling right past your ad?

Let’s take a look at one company that has leaned on social media influencers to advertise and sell their product, Artisana. Most people used to see this brand and think to themselves “Where did this brand come from? No, thank you.” But when a trusted friend, or an admired influencer, posts a photo of their delicious snack and credits their Artisana products, they may do a double-take. The potential buyer sees something that they desire from someone they admire and identifies the product that helped them achieve that delectable treat with just one post. To date, Artisana went from $70k - $120k monthly by utilizing social media strategies and can now be found at retailers like Thrive Market, iHerb, and on Amazon.

Another great example of social media strategy utilization is Monat. Monat has sold 14 million  products in the US and has been rapidly growing. I have seen several friends, influencers, YouTubers, etc. talk about the products and it has definitely swayed me to give it a try. The influencer marketing industry is estimated to revenue $10B by the end of this year, with projections to reach $300B in years to come. This is just one of many companies who have taken advantage of the benefits of the relationship between a brand and their influencer network.

Leveraging the social credibility of influencers is very beneficial. You can choose the perfect person and platform to promote your brand. Be sure to pick an influencer with a niche that relates to your product or service and bring attention to the right audience. Brands are figuring out how to drive traffic from social media platforms directly to their bottom line. With social media on the rise, the possibilities are endless!

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