Leverage Repost Pages to Drive Thousands of People from Social Media to your Brand

Reactifi is here to successfully aid brands with social media marketing strategies and campaigns. Brands should be driving thousands of people to their products from various social platforms every month and we can help you become better.

People happily kill hours of time scrolling through their favorite social sites. An average of 2 hours and 23 minutes a day to be exact. 45% of our global population fills up spare time scrolling through feeds, posting pics, and watching videos on social platforms. And on Instagram, much of that traffic moves toward repost pages. 

These social savvy accounts gather the most attractive and trending content about specific subjects like sports, cosmetics, and pop culture to entice mass audiences, who share it with their friends which begins the process of that last cat video you watched going viral. Check out these examples Instagram repost pages to see what all the fuss is about: theshaderoom, dunk.flying, and mearthpix.

 Through Reactifi, Seller Slice is beta testing our Overachievers Program, which utilizes viral content and employs cost-effective marketing through social media to convert that traffic into sales. Repost pages are often times more efficient than niche influencers when it comes to engagement, translating those views into hundreds of thousands of new potential clients. This strategy only works when brands have the content to give the repost pages.

By embedding a short ad at the start or end of videos, with content that flows with that specific repost page, your brand can seamlessly reach those views. Also repurposing content your brand has already invested into and finding the perfect repost page to “repost” your content is the most cost-effective high return influencer marketing tactic that anyone will share with you. Sponsored videos will also include an embedded link to your brand so consumers can easily access your product. 

Additionally, our beta program acknowledges the places in which brands lack easy representation. Story posts on Instagram introduce your content to those who fully engage with the repost page supporting your product, giving your brand maximum exposure. Many brands aren’t taking advantage of this, thus losing out on anticipated traffic. 

This beta is all about working out the kinks of what exactly works and what doesn’t. It won’t be long until it’s perfected and brought to the market. Email info@reactifi today to Enroll before we push this product to market at the FULL retail value!

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